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Mr Palmer’s Memories!

Current Gymnasts…….did you realise that Mr Palmer’s philosophy from the late 70’s, when he opened the Bendigo Gymnastics Centre, continues to this day?


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Since 1978, Palmer’s Gym (Bendigo Gymnastics Centre) has established itself as the key deliverer of Gymnastics in the area – Bendigo, Moama & Cohuna. We are especially proud of our extensive School’s program; teaching Gymnastics to thousands of Primary and Secondary school students every year.

Inclusion Statement

We support and encourage a membership base in which diversity is recognised, respected, valued and welcomed. Palmer’s Gym actively encourages and supports the participation of people with a disability or other exclusion factors in the sport of gymnastics. This is done on an individual basis that is meaningful to them and is equitable to other participants within the wider Palmer’s Gym community.




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What Parents are Saying

“Back over my life, some of my fondest memories come from Palmers Gym. “Palmers gym enriched my life by strengthening my mind as well as my body. It enabled me to see Australia and parts of the world, and best of all, make friends for life.”

SS Past gymnast – ’80’s and ’90’s”

“I started going to gym through my primary school – Kennington and fell in love with the place and atmosphere straight away. The gym has this incredible feeling about it. I remember looking forward to my sport classes just because it meant we were going to go to gymnastics and it was my absolute favourite! I then started doing lessons after school. On my first night I was already standing on someone’s shoulders – the feeling, well there was nothing like it! Gym was a place I met lots of friends and a life long mentor and I will forever hold those memories close to my heart. One word – Amazing!”

I started tumbling at 12 and I have still got some of those friends I met at tumbling, and I am nearly 32! I loved tumbling, it taught me to have drive, motivation and perseverance. I loved going many nights a week, and missed it when I wasn’t there. I also had the chance to do my work experience at Mr. Palmers gym as a coach. I really enjoyed that. Helping other people learn the skills I had! It was really like having another family. I still miss it now! “

GW Past Gymnast 90’s.